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PLANNINGCHARTS - know where to go!

PLANNINGCHARTS are a well-known product used by thousands of professional long-range pilots worldwide.

Tired of searching?

Ever searched your documentation for the essential information you know you have seen last time you flew in this part of the world?

Tired of scrolling through your electronic flight bag as data are shifted with every update?

PLANNINGCHARTS contain summarized information on one single chart.


Latest Upload: 01 MAR 2017  / Effectivity Date: 02 MAR 2017

ATTENTION!!! As the fonts are now stored in the PDF itself, the size of the PDF file increased to about 2 MB per chart.

Therefore it might happen that you are unable to download 10 charts at the same time.

We will to implement a new website soon to get rid of this problem.


As I am an active flight captain of a major Middle European carrier, the charts are more or less tailored to this operation, but they might be helpful to any pilot operating from Europe to various regions worldwide and vice versa.

I have been approached by several users requesting other chart sectors (e.g. Pacific region), on which I do not operate.

Therefore I would be very pleased, if you give me some advise for those charts.


I encourage all airline pilots to assist me in keeping the charts updated, thus providing the best information to everyone concerned with the operation of airplanes.

Easiest way to update a chart is draw the correction into the printed chart and take a snapshort with your smartphone and send it to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Please share your knowledge to improve aviation safety!!!


Wishing you always safe flights and happy landings


Dieter Spiess gen. Bongard
Captain Airbus A330/A340
Training Captain Airbus A310/A300-600

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